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Two Seekers News

A News Community For Cedric/Harry Shippers

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Welcome to Two Seekers News, a fortnightly fandom newsletter for the pairing Cedric Diggory/Harry Potter.

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TSN was created on 28 November 2005, during a chat between dehrek and plumerri. plumerri wanted to know whether there was any C/H newsletter community and dehrek replied. After an IM conversation and a poll, twoseekers_news was born. It currently is still under preparation, so watch out for the first issue!

To link back to us, you can use these buttons:
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Who maintain TSN?
The current maintainers are dehrek [Daniel] and plumerri [Liwen]. We are currently accepting volunteers, though.

What will be linked?
Fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, fanmixes and more. Basically, everything related to Cedric/Harry.

Can I join the community?
Yes, you can. However, posting access is limited to only the maintainers, aka Daniel and Liwen.

Can I be a volunteer?
Of course! Please refer to the volunteer section.

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Do you want to be a volunteer for TSN? Currently we are looking for volunteers to compile fic/art recs list, as well as to look through fansites. Interested? Please email twoseekers.news@gmail.com.

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- twoseekers
- quidditchmates
- triwizardfqf
Want to be one? Email twoseekers.news@gmail.com. We can only accept slash/news communities. Very sorry about this.