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Two Seekers News
A News Community For Cedric/Harry Shippers
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22nd-Jan-2006 01:04 pm - Hiatus
captain america
Two Seekers News is going on a hiatus because we desperately need it will be back with more regularly updated issues and more. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Your editors,
plumerri and rhapsody.

Should you need to contact Two Seekers News, feel free to email plumerri (plumerri @ gmail.com) or Two Seekers News (twoseekers.news@gmail.com).

We are still looking for ONE more editor. Please take a look at this page for information.
12th-Jan-2006 11:02 pm - Issue 004
i wanna stare out your window
Welcome to Issue 004 of Two Seekers News.

For the fortnight of 28 December 2005 to 12 January 2005.

This Fortnight's Fic
amphithere wrote Tears of the Damned, Chapter 2, 3, 4, & 5 PG-13
londoncalls wrote The World Can Wait R
admanthea wrote History PG
chounette wrote Private Countdown PG
iheartwillhoge wrote Happy New Year, baby! (Robert/Daniel) PG-13
blue_emotion wrote Goodbye G
forgotnsuitcase wrote Scars
admanthea wrote Time For Scars
droobin wrote Of Dorkestrars and Koncertees PG
sonata_art wrote Together G
thisissirius wrote Seventeen ways to Green R
hotelsugar wrote Untitled PG
muse_fodder wrote Debaucle (Cedric/Everyone, One-sided Cedric/Harry) PG-13
sweetsorcery wrote That's no Way to kill a Rumour R

This Fortnight's Updated Fic
iscaris updated A Season In December Part 5 R
beakanoma updated A Lack Of Color Chapter 4, 5, 6 , & 7 PG-13
iheartwillhoge updated Find Me, Keep Me Part 4, 5, 6, & 7
potterdiggory updated Head over Feet Part 17 & 18

This Fortnight's Art
tenderwhisper drew You know, the prefect's bathroom? G
quiscalus drew Untitled

This Fortnight's Graphics
admanthea posted icons, banners, and a wallpaper
rhapsody posted icons
nessa_laer posted icons
laurel_tx posted icons and colourbars and more icons
kiriomi posted a banner
muse_fodder posted icons
sweetsorcery posted colourbars
moodymuse19 posted icons

This Fortnight's Acitivities, Discussions and Other Miscellaneous
Midnights Owls is open. It's a forum dedicated to Cedric Diggory.
Cedric/Harry Valentine's Day Ficathon signups are officially closed. Assignments should be sent out soon.
hidethesnitch's First Challenge ends January 15th.
laurel_tx has issued a Cedric/Harry Scar Play Challenge (It has no deadline)
kinneasirvine posted a fanvideo, Bring Me To Life
thisissirius posted a fanvideo, Listen to Your Heart and Cedric/Harry clips
cadoganxx posted a fanvideo, My Friend and the Ink (On His Fingers)

Editor's Note
fansite is down. Will be up soon.

submit news to twoseekers.news@gmail.com
7th-Jan-2006 02:49 pm - [Mod Post] - Job Openings
captain america
I am currently looking for TWO more news editors who can post on a schedule. Two Seekers News will be going weekly if we can find all the two editors. Here's the official recruitment post:

You will be part of an exclusive team, bringing Cedric/Harry shippers up to date with the fandom news happening the the C/H community. You will need to:
» post fanfiction, fanart and graphics updates
» announce events and activites
» consolidating information that might be relevant to the Cedric/Harry community

Please be aware that compiling a fortnight issue is much more work than compiling a weekly issue, so TSN will be going weekly once I've recruited two more editors. There will be format to follow, as well as some links to watch for.

Interested applicants please fill out this form and apply as a comment. Comments are screened.
Why do you want to be a news editor?
Any previous experience as a news editor?
Are you available on a short notice (one day, two days)?

Once you are accepted, I will email you with things to note and so on.
27th-Dec-2005 05:43 pm - Issue 003
captain america
Welcome to Issue 003 of Two Seekers News.

For the fortnight of 14 December 2005 to 27 December 2005.

This Fortnight's Fic
iheartwillhoge wrote Find Me and Keep Me. Part Two and Part Three. NC-17
j_folked wrote Untitled. NC-17
sasword posted Untitled. PG-13
sweetsorcery posted Raven. PG-13
sapphirestar_ posted The End of Lie. PG
sweetsorcery posted Black Lake Interlude. R
moonshadow_nal posted Lady In Black. PG
nattybear posted Only... If PG-13
arrmaitee posted The UNAUTHORIZED Goblet of Fire R
iheartwillhoge posted 17 Won't Come Soon Enough. R. (Robert/Daniel)
golden_witch posted Of Frosting and Sprinkles. PG-13
mysteria00 posted A Breathe Away In the Dark. PG

This Fornight's Updated Fic
evelyn_nyx updated A Holiday To Remember. Part Two, Three, Four, Five, Six (R), Seven (R),
potterdiggory updated Head over Feet with Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16.
iscaris updated A Season In December with Part Two, Three and Four.
beakanoma updated A Lack of Color with Chapter Three.

This Fortnight's Graphics
laurel_tx posted icons and colorbars. Over here too. And here too.
waiting_minds posted a couple of icons.
evelyn_nyx posted some icons.
blue_emotion posted icons and a manip.
dustbunnies710 posted icons.
katsumi_chan posted banners and icons.
nattybear posted the coloured version of blue_emotion's manip.

This Fortnight's Acitivities, Discussions and Other Miscellaneous
nattybear spotted something with the GoF soundtrack.
triwizardfqf are opening challenges claims until January 10, 2006. There're over 200 challenges for you to claim over there!
needs your submission now! See website for detail.

Submit news to twoseekers.news@gmail.com.
13th-Dec-2005 12:14 am - Issue Two
Welcome to Issue 002 of Two Seekers News.

For the fortnight of 29 November 2005 to 13 December 2005.

This Fortnight's Fics

nattybear wrote Sincere Something [Harry/Cedric; PG]
cerulean_sky wrote Sweet Surrender [Harry/Cedric]
moonshadow_nal wrote See the Stars [Harry/Cedric; PG]
moodymuse19 wrote What he will never know [Harry/Cedric; PG]
emmagrant01 wrote Get a Clue [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
papermulberry wrote In the arms of an Angel [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
blue_emotion wrote Something you cannot replace [Harry/Cedric; PG]
chounette wrote Sweet Memories [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
kiriomi wrote Black Orchid [Harry/Cedric; PG]
_sana_ wrote Coming Out [Harry/Cedric Implied; PG]
moonshadow_nal wrote Now and Then [Harry/Cedric; PG]
sweetsorcery wrote Lionhearts [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
katsumi_chan wrote The Spare [Harry/Cedric Implied; PG-13]
_page394 wrote Your Last Words [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
moodymuse19 wrote Touch [Harry/Cedric; NC-17]
londoncalls wrote Cry [Harry/Cedric; NC-17]
gay_writer wrote Fantasy and Fantasy, Part Two [Harry/Cedric; NC-17]
just_me_autumn wrote Truth Be Known [Harry/Cedric; G]
superhotshit wrote Before It Happened [Harry/Cedric; R]
potterdiggory wrote Head Over Feet Prologue, Part One, Part Twohere, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven. [Harry/Cedric, Other; G/PG]
mina_pak wrote Nocturne in B-flat Minor, Prologue [Harry/Cedric; PG]
louiex wrote Sometimes</a> [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
firebolt87 wrote Safe In My Heart [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
aesira wrote Don't Forget That [Harry/Cho, Others; PG-13]
nonprofit_whore wrote Untitled [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
beakanoma wrote A Lack of Color and A Lack Of Color Part Two [Harry/Cedric; PG]
iscaris wrote A Season In December and A Season In December Part Two [Harry/Cedric; Not rated]
the_con_cept wrote It All Started With Cedric [Harry/Cedric; NC-17]
peach_feet wrote Untitled [Harry/Cedric; PG]
_turtledove wrote How To Make A Ghost Disappear [Harry/Cedric, Others; PG-13]
sweetsorcery wrote Tomorrow has Monsters [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
evelyn_nyx wrote A Holiday To Remember, A Holiday To Remember Part Two and A Holiday To Remember Part Three [Harry/Cedric; PG-13]
iheartwillhoge wrote Find me and Keep Me [Harry/Cedric; NC-17]

This Fortnight's Art

lizardspots drew K-I-S-S-I-N-G

This Fortnight's Graphics

marauderthsn posted icons.
peachfeet posted icons.
burakkudragon posted icons.
dehrek posted an icon.
laurel_tx posted icons here and here.
blue_hobbit posted icons and a colorbar.
eithene did colorbars.
creativeescape posted funny pictures.
mizmolko did colorbars.
annephoenix posted a picture.
yayhats posted an icon.
treecat007 posted icons.

This Fortnight's Discussions, Challenges and Activities

sophia_black noticed something.
poufywerewolf announced the winners of the twoseekers Icon Contest

Editor's Notice

This is my first issue ever written, so there will most definitely be some errors (or, rather, there may appear errors). I'm a n00b at doing long complicated posts, and I hope I did everything including the coding right. Should I, however, have done something wrong or forgotten someone, please bring it to my attention and I shall fix it asap! :)
29th-Nov-2005 04:11 pm - Issue One
captain america
Welcome to Issue 001 of Two Seekers News.

For the fortnight of 19 November 2005 to 29 November 2005

This Fortnight's Fics

This Fortnight's Art

This Fortnight's Graphics

This Fortnight's Discussions, Challenges and Activities

  • elsie wrote Cedric Diggory, Boy Hero, discussing about Cedric’s character, and he fares in the Cedric vs. Harry (and then the Cedric/Harry!) dynamic.

Editor's Notice
We've received several emails from you all, wanting to volunteer. We appreciate your help, but Daniel and I still need to go through a few points about how this community should run and all that. When we do need you, we will inform you.

Think that you have something worthy to be up here? Email twoseekers.news@gmail.com.
28th-Nov-2005 09:53 pm - Welcome
captain america
Welcome to Two Seekers News, a fortnightly fandom newsletter featuring our favourite champions, Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter. This is a slash couple, so if you cannot accept slash, please leave now. Your creators/maintainers are dehrek and plumerri.

What is this community all about?
This community is a fandom newsletter, meaning that once every two weeks, we will post a "newsletter" with all the news about your favourite ship in the Livejournal communities and beyond. You will receive updates about fanfictions, fanarts, graphics and more regarding Cedric/Harry. Instead of friending all the communities and looking through the websites for updates, you can rely on us.

This is so fun! How can I start?
Perhaps you might like to start friending the community? Once me and Daniel get the basic things up and running, you can expect Issue 001 of Two Seekers News to be published!

I'd Like To Help!
Currently we are not looking for any posters of issues, but we need some volunteers who are willing to look through archives and all that stuffs for any good Cedric/Harry works. We also need volunteers to look out for works that are not submitted in the Livejournal community too. If you are interested, please refer to the userinfo for more information.
28th-Nov-2005 09:42 pm - Master List of Recs
captain america
This will be the master list of all the recs twoseekers_news ever featured and gotten.

Before Issue 001
Read more...Collapse )

Before Issue 001
Read more...Collapse )
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